News entry 144

20/Aug/2011, 09:15:
Entry 144, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 40

Deeper Golowood's starting to get topical!

I came up with this episode because I wanted an episode to pay tribute to my car which recently failed (one of the cylinders started misfiring, and as I managed to get another car I decided to not get it repaired). I've also just put my car on ebay as well (, so this episode is partly a blatant way of promoting that in case anyone is interested! (It's also the car that's taken me to many of my exhibitions, so who knows, when Golowood becomes famous it could be quite valuable ;-). )

This episode is the second time I've used the perspective tool in GIMP to fit pictures onto a screen (the last time being episode 20).

The admiral's assistant now has a name - there should be more of him in future episodes.

With thanks to the generous contribution of limbs made by Golowoods lion population!