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03/Aug/2011, 22:15:
Entry 143, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 39

We find out what happened to the escaped criminal from episode 20!

This episode was delayed a bit due to being bumped by the previous two episodes from Portugal, and it has also gone through a few tweaks in the meantime (mainly in the first panel). Hopefully you like this episode as much as I do – I’ve enjoyed making it!

This is using my Rangorth mine scenery again that I built to go into the Window into the Community in the Brighton Lego shop.

The engine used in this episode is my tan-coloured Hunslet engine, which is based on my Hunslet models Maid Marian and Holy War (which are based on real engines at Bala Lake Railway in North Wales). The engine was originally built as part of a competition at the Brickish Association AGM involving building an Indiana Jones scene. I built a made up scene in which Indiana Jones was on a train of archaeological artifacts going through the desert, whilst being attacked by a skeleton. The skeleton was pushing Indiana Jones off the engine whilst the train was rushing towards a tunnel which was about to knock Indiana Jones' head off. This scene, particularly the one in the last frame, is heavily influenced by that - the main reason I swapped Indiana Jones and the skeleton for the robber and robot was because licensed themes aren't allowed for models that are going in the Window into the Community in the Lego shops. As it's turned out into probably my most favourite episode so far though I'm glad I changed it!

The Indiana Jones engine/train normally goes around the inner loop on my train layouts at exhibitions, and is very popular with the children (and a lot more reliable than the toy story train that I've been having to use instead recently due to the train being in the Brighton Lego shop!).

I am currently working on a comments system for my comics as well which I was hoping to have ready for this episode (which has also delayed it a bit), however it looks like the comment system will have to wait until next time as I didn’t want to delay this episode any further! Have just had a bit of a binary predicament myself as well with uploading this episode – some of the code that I added for the comment system was conflicting with the code I use to upload the comics. Another thing to work on!

(I’m sure these notes/comments that I do for each episode are getting longer and longer each time – I obviously ramble to much ....!)