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04/Jun/2011, 16:31:
Entry 137, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 34

Seems the skeletons aren't terribly keen on the merfolks new choice of allies!

This is the original episode that the previous two episodes split off from.

The ship is the new Pirates of the Caribbean set, the Queen Annes Revenge - thought it made an ideal ship for the skeletons to use with its bone/skeleton theme!

Walrus squad is the special diving section of the Golowood Navy - a play on 'SEALS': Gives me something to do with all the divers I ended up with from the Atlantis magnet sets!

The pictures were taken at the Old Kiln museum display a few weeks ago. The bit about missing a boat was actually unintentional - I didn't have any small boats at the show to put out for the soldiers, hence why they didn't have any!