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09/May/2015, 10:41:
Entry 166, added by Harlquinth.
Kesgrave/Ipswich funday

Taking my Great Ball Contraption to Kesgrave/Ipswich next Saturday - see poster for details.

21/Apr/2015, 07:48:
Entry 165, added by Harlquinth.
Bury St Edmunds - funday

I'll be displaying my Great Ball Contraption at Bury St Edmunds this Saturday, the 25th of April - details in the picture to the left, and a video of my Great Ball Contraption below:

17/Jun/2013, 07:12:
Entry 164, added by Harlquinth.
Alresford 2013 - videos uploaded

I've uploaded some videos of our display at the Alresford show (http://www.alresford-toy-trains.org.uk) on Saturday to Golowood's youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/user/Golowood) - links below:

Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/08LhpUjVaGM
GBC display: http://youtu.be/wp1tv78L59k

13/Jan/2013, 13:02:
Entry 163, added by Harlquinth.
London model engineering event - Alexandra palace

Golowood will have a display at the London model engineering event at Alexandra Palace on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday next week (18th - 20th of January).

For those interested in more details, visit the website below, or look at the leaflet images just to the left:

29/Dec/2012, 10:01:
Entry 162, added by Harlquinth.
Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, and best wishes for the new year!

18/Oct/2012, 12:58:
Entry 161, added by Harlquinth.
Steam 2012 - pictures uploaded

Pictures from Steam are now uploaded to the gallery.

26/Jun/2012, 11:43:
Entry 160, added by Harlquinth.
Youtube channel & NSC walkthough

Golowood now has a Youtube channel.

I've also uploaded a walkthrough video to Youtube that I took at the NSC in Leicester at the weekend showing all of the displays that we had there.

25/Jun/2012, 22:58:
Entry 159, added by Harlquinth.
Pictures from NSC display in Leicester uploaded

Pictures from the NSC display in Leicester are now uploaded to the gallery.

05/Jun/2012, 15:00:
Entry 157, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 44

In celebration of the jubilee!

Picture taken at Buckinghamshire railay museum where I'm exhibiting at this weekend.

Many thanks to Skegga for letting me use her Queen!

29/May/2012, 06:04:
Entry 156, added by Harlquinth.
Pictures from Angmering added to gallery!

Pictures from the model show at Angmering last weekend have now been added to the gallery.

It was a nice relaxed show, with good weather and a nice breeze - and the good weather didn't seem to keep the visitors away!

22/May/2012, 21:59:
Entry 155, added by Harlquinth.
Forthcoming events! Angmering, Buckinghamshire, Alresford...

There are several events coming up over the next several weeks - keep a watch on Golowood's Facebook events page for further details!

The Angmering Model Railway show next Saturday near Brighton will have a Golowood-themed Lego layout, closely followed the following bank holiday weekend by the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Lego train show, involving several Lego layouts, including Golowood.

24/Feb/2012, 21:28:
Entry 152, added by Harlquinth.
Brighton update

Few pictures of layout at Brighton.

All seemed to go quite smoothly today after sorting out a slight clearance issue in the tunnel - hopefully it will go well tomorrow as well!

Pictures are from Thursday/Friday, showing work in progress layout on Thursday, and Tardis scenary used for the back of the Dalek stand behind us.

05/Feb/2012, 17:23:
Entry 150, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 43

Thought I’d make use of the snow whilst it’s still around, and had some inspiration when I found the Eskimo that was on my Christmas cake and came up with this.

Rather than have the recruit asking why the Eskimo was fishing in a barrel (which is what my first idea was) I thought it would be more original having the Eskimo assume that’s what they were going to ask!

The ‘...’ in the title of the episode is an intentional 'interruption' by the way!

Hope you enjoy!

02/Feb/2012, 13:42:
Entry 149, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 42

Another quick episode put together during lunch today.

The picture for this episode was taken during Brighton Modelworld 2011 last year.

25/Jan/2012, 17:05:
Entry 148, added by Harlquinth.
Brighton Modelworld 2012, 23rd - 24th Feb

Less than a month to go until this year's Brighton Modelworld, so thought I'd post about it in case anyone who's interested in coming.

Brighton Modelworld is a huge model event in the Brighton Centre in Brighton. As well as many model railway layouts, boats, doll houses, and even daleks, there will be several Lego displays/layouts (including Golowood) from the Brickish Association and Southern Lego Train Club - so if you come along (which you should do, there's sure to be something of interest for everyone! :-) ), come and say hi! (If you 'like' the Golowood facebook page and come and say hello then I may have a few Golowood postcards to give away as well!)

The event is listed on the Golowood facebook page, and further details can be found on the Brighton Modelworld website.

16/Jan/2012, 20:14:
Entry 146, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 41

And just as you thought it had gone a bit quiet…!

Decided it had been far too long since the last episode, so, to start off, a quick look at how the Golowood Navy are coping with their financial crisis!

The title is reference to a comment someone made to me a few years ago – I asked him how things were going, and he said things were ‘bubbling along’ and then said that bubbling along could refer to the fact they were ‘slowly going under’! (Things have greatly improved since in case you wondered!)

19/Nov/2011, 11:23:
Entry 145, added by Harlquinth.
Domain name

I've finally managed to get virtual hosts properly setup on my webserver! :-), so the domain name shown in the address bar for the site now stays as 'www.golowood.co.uk' instead of redirecting to 'elniner.homeip.net/golowood' like it did before.

It shouldn't cause any issues, but it there are any then let me know.

20/Aug/2011, 09:15:
Entry 144, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 40

Deeper Golowood's starting to get topical!

I came up with this episode because I wanted an episode to pay tribute to my car which recently failed (one of the cylinders started misfiring, and as I managed to get another car I decided to not get it repaired). I've also just put my car on ebay as well (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200642973265), so this episode is partly a blatant way of promoting that in case anyone is interested! (It's also the car that's taken me to many of my exhibitions, so who knows, when Golowood becomes famous it could be quite valuable ;-). )

This episode is the second time I've used the perspective tool in GIMP to fit pictures onto a screen (the last time being episode 20).

The admiral's assistant now has a name - there should be more of him in future episodes.

With thanks to the generous contribution of limbs made by Golowoods lion population!

03/Aug/2011, 22:15:
Entry 143, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 39

We find out what happened to the escaped criminal from episode 20!

This episode was delayed a bit due to being bumped by the previous two episodes from Portugal, and it has also gone through a few tweaks in the meantime (mainly in the first panel). Hopefully you like this episode as much as I do – I’ve enjoyed making it!

This is using my Rangorth mine scenery again that I built to go into the Window into the Community in the Brighton Lego shop.

The engine used in this episode is my tan-coloured Hunslet engine, which is based on my Hunslet models Maid Marian and Holy War (which are based on real engines at Bala Lake Railway in North Wales). The engine was originally built as part of a competition at the Brickish Association AGM involving building an Indiana Jones scene. I built a made up scene in which Indiana Jones was on a train of archaeological artifacts going through the desert, whilst being attacked by a skeleton. The skeleton was pushing Indiana Jones off the engine whilst the train was rushing towards a tunnel which was about to knock Indiana Jones' head off. This scene, particularly the one in the last frame, is heavily influenced by that - the main reason I swapped Indiana Jones and the skeleton for the robber and robot was because licensed themes aren't allowed for models that are going in the Window into the Community in the Lego shops. As it's turned out into probably my most favourite episode so far though I'm glad I changed it!

The Indiana Jones engine/train normally goes around the inner loop on my train layouts at exhibitions, and is very popular with the children (and a lot more reliable than the toy story train that I've been having to use instead recently due to the train being in the Brighton Lego shop!).

I am currently working on a comments system for my comics as well which I was hoping to have ready for this episode (which has also delayed it a bit), however it looks like the comment system will have to wait until next time as I didn’t want to delay this episode any further! Have just had a bit of a binary predicament myself as well with uploading this episode – some of the code that I added for the comment system was conflicting with the code I use to upload the comics. Another thing to work on!

(I’m sure these notes/comments that I do for each episode are getting longer and longer each time – I obviously ramble to much ....!)

07/Jul/2011, 20:29:
Entry 141, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 38

The other episode that I took pictures for whilst at BRInCKa in Portugal last weekend - this was the scene that I had setup on my other scenary set that I took to the event.

I will hopefully manage to get some pictures of the other displays that were there sorted out soon!

02/Jul/2011, 18:38:
Entry 140, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 37

Seems the Admiral has decided to get rid of that mouse!

The pictures for this episode were taken at BRInCKa, a Lego event in Portugal where I am this weekend.

29/Jun/2011, 18:29:
Entry 139, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 36

Warning. If of nervous disposition look away now...!

(I completely blame Emma of Simply Bricks for giving me the idea for this episode! ;P )

26/Jun/2011, 07:39:
Entry 138, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 35

The first of several episodes using a new scenary set that I've built for my comics.

I designed the set so that it would fit into the Window into the Community display in the Brighton Legoshop (all of my existing scenary was slightly to wide!), and put it in the window a week last Wednesday (the 15th).

Pictures of it in the window (and clues to the future episodes!) are in my gallery at http://www.golowood.co.uk/gallery/index.php?dir=WitC%2F2011%2F06-June-Brighton.

04/Jun/2011, 16:31:
Entry 137, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 34

Seems the skeletons aren't terribly keen on the merfolks new choice of allies!

This is the original episode that the previous two episodes split off from.

The ship is the new Pirates of the Caribbean set, the Queen Annes Revenge - thought it made an ideal ship for the skeletons to use with its bone/skeleton theme!

Walrus squad is the special diving section of the Golowood Navy - a play on 'SEALS': http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Navy_SEALs. Gives me something to do with all the divers I ended up with from the Atlantis magnet sets!

The pictures were taken at the Old Kiln museum display a few weeks ago. The bit about missing a boat was actually unintentional - I didn't have any small boats at the show to put out for the soldiers, hence why they didn't have any!

28/May/2011, 20:19:
Entry 136, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 33

This episode should have been uploaded a week ago (the episode itself was finished a couple of weeks ago), but have been having 'issues' with my laptop, and have only just managed to access the files.

This episode is partly influenced by Stargate SG1 episode "The Ties That Bind", where the SGC is going through budget proposals and the budget committee imply that they've made up the threat of the Ori, a new enemy, because of the budget.

The title of this episode and the previous episode is a line from the poem "To A Mouse" by Robert Burns (http://www.worldburnsclub.com/poems/translations/554.htm). It's partly why I included the mouse in the episodes, but I may use that mouse in a later episode as well!

14/May/2011, 11:14:
Entry 135, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 32

It's nice when episodes write themselves! (Though it does tend to throw scheduling off a bit! :P)

This episode originally started as a quick one-frame episode, but then I decided to make it a bit more interesting by having four frames. I then kept having more ideas of things to add into the script, so I decided to make it a two-part episode to save having to squash things in or cut bits out. This morning though I had another idea of something else to add, so as I was still having trouble fitting everything in anyway I made it into three episodes instead! Expect to see the other episodes over the next week or so :).

02/May/2011, 17:29:
Entry 134, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 31

It was probably possible to guess that something like this was likely to happen after episode 29!

The picture for this episode was taken last year at one of the joint displays that I did with Alec, another Brickish member.

01/May/2011, 10:38:
Entry 133, added by Harlquinth.
Old Kiln model display - pictures added

Pictures of our display that we did at the Old Kiln railway yesterday and the rest of the show have now been added to the gallery.

It went really well, and was quite a nice and relaxed day. Managed to get quite a few pictures of the rest of the show/centre as well our display, as well as managing to sort of my dragons and rebuild my Imperial Flagship (which had managed to get slightly squashed in transit!).

17/Mar/2011, 13:30:
Entry 132, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 30

Not done many episodes recently as have had my mind on other things, but here's a quick episode to celebrate St Patricks day!

10/Mar/2011, 22:37:
Entry 131, added by Harlquinth.
Brighton/Westfield pictures

The gallery has now been updated with pictures from Brighton Model World, and the Official Opening of the Lego shop at Westfield, two events that I have been involved in recently.

22/Jan/2011, 09:03:
Entry 130, added by Harlquinth.

The webserver for Golowood has had some problems recently for the last couple of weeks so the site has been down - due to various issues it took a while to fix it, but it's now up and working again!

12/Dec/2010, 09:45:
Entry 129, added by Harlquinth.
Voting time!

I entered a competition several weeks ago to win £250 in Lego vouchers. http://www.pollsb.com/polls/p2174802-favourite_lego_scene is the voting page - my entry is the skeleton one if you'd like to vote (not saying you have to vote for mine, though would be great if you did!).

Louise (Bladewood), who creates 'Tranquility Base', another Lego comic, is the author of the 'Get well soon' entry, one of the other ones in the final.

More information about the competition, run by Hallmark, can be found here: http://www.minifigures.co.uk/lego/lego-cards-from-hallmark/.

30/Sep/2010, 15:41:
Entry 128, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 29

The picture for this layout was taken at our display we did at the Egham Royal show a few weeks ago (pictures of which I still need to add to the gallery section!), which was a joint layout between me and Alec, another Brickish member. We're also doing a similar joint layout for Steam, which is going to be called 'The Cardolan Vorn coastline'.

24/Jul/2010, 10:38:
Entry 127, added by Harlquinth.
Golowood facebook group

Golowood now has a facebook group!:


01/Jul/2010, 16:39:
Entry 125, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 28

Just a quick episode - picture was taken at Alresford, the display that we did last weekend.

The pirates will hopefully be appearing in future episodes as well!

27/Jun/2010, 17:41:
Entry 124, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 27

Although it's the 27th of June today, some of the people at our exibition in Alresford yesterday also saw this episode.

The episode was originally planned for May, but due to being busy with other things, as well as mislaying my bag of comic bits with Acrilon and Ketloft in, it was delayed a bit!

There are nine kings in Golowood partly because I originally brought eight castle chess sets to create the Golowood army and had a king from another castle set, and also nine is my favourite number. Three is my second favourite number due to it being the square root of nine!

17/May/2010, 21:45:
Entry 123, added by Harlquinth.
Merrist Wood exhibition pictures

Pictures from the exhibition that we did at Merrist Wood on Sunday are now uploaded to the gallery - despite forgetting the army, dragons, and skeletons my layout still worked out quite well in the end (ended up creating a riot out of minifigs from a box with police and soldiers to control them!).

Managed to get a few pictures of the rest of the show as well as of the other Lego layouts.

09/May/2010, 08:38:
Entry 122, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 26

Following on from the events of episode 21.

I've tried to include various different jroom types in the background in this episode. Grey is just the standard military jroom, red is ABSAR (Air Broom Search And Rescue), and the black ones are the SBF (Special Broom Force), including the special heavy duty SBF jroom seen in episode 7 (used to get the armless robber off the mountain in this episode).

This is the first time I've used my green hills/blue sky scenery since episode 14 - mainly because it had fallen into disrepair and ended up getting covered with dust. I've now cleaned it/rebuilt it though, and it's a lot more solid than before so should last a bit longer this time!

18/Apr/2010, 19:54:
Entry 121, added by Harlquinth.
Petersfield exhibition pictures

I've now uploaded pictures/videos from Petersfield 2010 that I was at yesterday to the gallery.

I had a Golowood display at the event, including my large dark red viaduct, as well as a large train layout covering the stage.

14/Mar/2010, 09:00:
Entry 120, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 25

A small vignette that I built for mother's day - it's now turning into a sort of tradition that I build a Lego vignette each year for mother's day! (Pictures of previous ones that I've built are here.)

I was quite tempted to build more of them and join them all together to make a full backdrop for this episode, but I decided I would probably run out of time to finish it so it would be best left for another time.

The swans at the front are my first go at making/designing my own birds - I decided to try swans as they're white and I still have a lot of white bits leftover from building my 6x skeleton model.

10/Mar/2010, 09:00:
Entry 119, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 24

You may recognise the policeman in this episode as the ones from episode #017.

I'm seriously wondering about setting up some sort of wiki so that I don't have to keep referring back to previous episodes so much - or do people think that the references are useful anyway?

07/Mar/2010, 16:00:
Entry 118, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 23

Took the pictures for this episode back in January when we had a lot of snow. Almost ran out of snow due to my camera failing, but managed to borrow someone else's camera instead.

28/Feb/2010, 12:30:
Entry 117, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 22

Slightly late due to the harddrive failing on my laptop, but I've now managed to recover most things from my backup.

First of a two or three part episode - I decided it was to long for one episode, so split off this bit. It also gave me an opportunity to get a good picture of my double-seater jroom in an episode as well.

20/Feb/2010, 18:57:
Entry 116, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 21

Next episode in the saga - took a while to do, but I finally got around to introducing the red dragons! Special thanks to Emma from Simply Bricks for lending me one of the red dragons.

12/Feb/2010, 22:04:
Entry 115, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 20

Next episode in this storyline, 'Uninvited stranger' is now uploaded.

This episode took quite a while to get right because of getting the pictures to fit the tv screen, but after spending ages messing about with drawplus and publisher amongst other things, I asked on a forum to see if anyone had any ideas. Someone suggested that the perspective tool in GIMP might help, which let me drag the corners of the picture to the corners of the tv screen which was exactly what I was looking for!

07/Jan/2010, 20:26:
Entry 114, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 19

Back to a more normal storyline (if anything in Golowood can be called normal!), Deeper Golowood episode 19, 'Rogue dragon', is now uploaded to the comics page.

This is the start of a series of episodes that I've had in mind for a while - more to be revealed later!

The pictures used in this episode were taken at a layout I did back in July for an exhibition at Twyford.

The police station was originally built by my brother - he then redesigned/rebuilt it to be Cafe Corner compatible, but it wasn't very structurally stable and collapsed - hence why we put the dragon there at Twyford to make it look like the dragon had caused the damage.

31/Dec/2009, 20:32:
Entry 113, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 18

Bit of a cliffhanger episode - but you only have to wait until next Christmas to find out what happens...!

Had the idea of this episode following on from what the Jack in the box said at the end of episode 16 (it was meant to be just something to finish off the episode with, but I decided to make it a bit more sinister than originally intended).

Almost ran out of snow to take the pictures for this episode, but managed to find a small patch at the bottom of the road (there is a picture here if you want a look.

25/Dec/2009, 10:54:
Entry 112, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 17

Followup episode 'Santa in trouble...again.' (17th) now uploaded to the comics page!

Took me a while to get the picture right for the first frame as the camera kept auto-focusing on the darkness - first time I've found a good use for the manual setting on my camera!

Hope you enjoy, and merry christmas!! :-)

P.s. Had the idea for this episode after my brother showed me this article in the Metro newspaper.

24/Dec/2009, 09:46:
Entry 111, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 16

More snow! - 16th episode of Deeper Golowood, 'Upset Santa' now uploaded.

Watch out for the followup episode!

20/Dec/2009, 17:25:
Entry 110, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood - Episode 15

Deeper Golowood episode 15 is now uploaded to the comics page.

Been taking advantage of the snow whilst it lasts...

12/Sep/2009, 09:52:
Entry 106, added by Harlquinth.
Comics page updated

The navigation for Deeper Golowood on the comics page has been updated. Hope you like the new interface!

31/Aug/2009, 06:55:
Entry 105, added by Harlquinth.
Server failure

Golowood website was down for 2-3 days last week due to part of the server failing, however it's now back up again.

18/Aug/2009, 17:49:
Entry 104, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood Episode 14

Deeper Golowood episode 14 is now on the comics page.

This episode was mainly a way of getting the tomb that I built for St Francis school fayre into an episode before I demolish it, however it also introduces the scimage historical department and Dr Ketloft which will be appearing in future episodes.

16/Aug/2009, 11:09:
Entry 103, added by Harlquinth.
'What The' episode 5

'What The' episode 5 is now available on the comic pages.

23/Jul/2009, 07:37:
Entry 102, added by Harlquinth.
St Francis mosaic finished

Although we didn't finish the mosaic on the day I decided to finish the mosaic at home instead to see how it should have looked. It's now finished, and pictures of it are in the mosaic folder in the St Francis event gallery.

19/Jul/2009, 07:03:
Entry 101, added by Harlquinth.
'What The' comic added

The first four episodes of 'What The', a comic created by Christopher, my brother, have been added to the recently added comics page. 'What The' is based around the various antics of the workmen in Golowood Construction Incorporated - further info and the episodes themselves can be found on the 'What The' page in the menu on the left.

15/Jul/2009, 11:22:
Entry 100, added by Harlquinth.
St Francis School Fayre

I did a exhibition for the summer fayre of a local school, St Francis, at the weekend. Despite the nice sunny weather the display (which was indoors just off the playground) still seemed very popular.

Had several activities to help raise money for the school - had building a wagon to run on the layout for 50p, the children could drive a train for 20p, people could pay 20p to put tiles on a mosaic (although unfortunately we didn't manage to finish the mosaic), and people could pay 20p to guess the number of bricks in a model (with the closest guess winning a small prize). There was also a Lego activity table as well which was free to build at.

14/Jul/2009, 18:36:
Entry 99, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood Episode 13

Finally found the time and parts to finish this episode after getting behind a bit due to being busy exhibiting.

13th episode of Deeper Golowood, 'Unlucky thirteen' is now uploaded and on the comics page.

See how many superstitions you can spot :).

06/Jul/2009, 10:50:
Entry 98, added by Harlquinth.
Twyford waterworks miniature steam and model day

We had a successful day at Twyford waterworks yesterday. Everyone was very friendly, aside from a couple of showers the weather was marvellous - sunny most of the time, but enough of a breeze that it didn't get to hot and to blow away the traction engine smoke - over all it was a really nice day.

Pictures are in the gallery - there was plenty to see, several traction engines and other steam powered models, I also had a look around the lime kiln part of the waterworks as well.

01/Jul/2009, 20:08:
Entry 97, added by Harlquinth.
MOSI pictures uploaded

Pictures of our exhibition at Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester last weekend are now uploaded in the gallery.

There were all sorts of displays there, from a 24 feet train layout which I was involved with, to a 6x scale version of the original lego castle set, a detailed plane timeline, plus much more.

Despite the weather it all went really well, and people seemed to enjoy themselves.

20/Jun/2009, 09:21:
Entry 96, added by Harlquinth.
Petersfield 2009 pictures

I've just got round to uploading pictures from Petersfield 2009 on the 30th of May as well.

I had a small display of Golowood at Petersfield, as well as being part of a larger train layout.

There were many other Lego displays and sellers there as well, and everything seemed to go smoothly and people appeared to have a good time.

17/Jun/2009, 06:46:
Entry 95, added by Harlquinth.
Alresford 2009 pictures added

Pictures from our exhibition at Alresford last weekend have now been added to the picture gallery - the exhibition went really well and there were lots of people there. I've got some videos to add as well, so those will be up at some point.

18/06/2009, 06:52:
Videos are now uploaded as well.

08/Jun/2009, 19:10:
Entry 94, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood Episode 12 uploaded

12th episode of Deeper Golowood, 'On patrol' is now on the comics page.

28/May/2009, 08:07:
Entry 93, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood Episode 11 uploaded

11th episode of Deeper Golowood, 'Skeleton attack' is now on the comics page.

Bit more of a wordy episode this time - it's based on my brother (General Ghisto) forgetting to bring the box with the army in at Merrist Wood. Can't complain to much though since I forgot to bring enough curves for the railway - maybe I'll do that in another episode!

25/May/2009, 19:38:
Entry 92, added by Harlquinth.
Upgrades completed

The upgrades have now been completed, so everything should be back online.

23/May/2009, 19:29:
Entry 91, added by Harlquinth.

The webserver that the Golowood website is hosted on will be undergoing upgrades for part of the afternoon/evening tomorrow (Sunday 24th), so the site will be unavailable during the upgrades and could be intermittent afterwards whilst things are checked over.

19/May/2009, 06:15:
Entry 90, added by Harlquinth.
Merrist Wood 2009 pictures added

Pictures from our exhibition at Merrist Wood on Sunday have now been added to the gallery in the events section.

Despite the weather, not bringing enough curved track, and forgetting the soldiers to defend Golowood from the skeleton attacks it all turned out very well (the weather probably actually drove more people inside to see our layouts, and the skeletons mysteriously withdrew from Golowood at the end of the day!).

16/May/2009, 17:32:
Entry 89, added by Harlquinth.
Another episode - Deeper Golowood Episode 10

Deeper Golowood Episode 10 is now also uploaded as well. This episode would have been done a few weeks ago, however it got delayed as I couldn't find where I'd put the phones that I needed for the first panel!

16/May/2009, 11:52:
Entry 88, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood Episode 9 uploaded

Deeper Golowood Episode 9 is now on the comics page.

23/Apr/2009, 23:07:
Entry 87, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood Episode 8 uploaded

A little something for St George's day: Episode 8, Trouble with dragons.

Look at the comics page to view it!

13/Apr/2009, 00:18:
Entry 86, added by Harlquinth.
Deeper Golowood Episode 7 uploaded

An Easter special of Deeper Golowood, episode 7, has now been uploaded - see the comic page to view it!

12/Apr/2009, 12:30:
Entry 85, added by Harlquinth.
Golowood forum arrives

A forum has now been setup on the site.

Things still need tweaking on it so its a bit of a work in progress, but the layout is there and it's working.

11/Apr/2009, 07:22:
Entry 84, added by Harlquinth.
News section added

News section now added to frontpage.

Will post developments to the website here as I add them.