Deeper Golowood:

Deeper Golowood is the name of a comic that I have made based on Golowood. Episode 27 is shown below, enjoy!

Episode 27
'All about three.'
(Published 27/Jun/2010, 17:41)

Deeper Golowood: Episode number 27

Although it's the 27th of June today, some of the people at our exibition in Alresford yesterday also saw this episode.

The episode was originally planned for May, but due to being busy with other things, as well as mislaying my bag of comic bits with Acrilon and Ketloft in, it was delayed a bit!

There are nine kings in Golowood partly because I originally brought eight castle chess sets to create the Golowood army and had a king from another castle set, and also nine is my favourite number. Three is my second favourite number due to it being the square root of nine!