Deeper Golowood:

Deeper Golowood is the name of a comic that I have made based on Golowood. Episode 26 is shown below, enjoy!

Episode 26
'Myths and legends.'
(Published 09/May/2010, 08:38)

Deeper Golowood: Episode number 26

Following on from the events of episode 21.

I've tried to include various different jroom types in the background in this episode. Grey is just the standard military jroom, red is ABSAR (Air Broom Search And Rescue), and the black ones are the SBF (Special Broom Force), including the special heavy duty SBF jroom seen in episode 7 (used to get the armless robber off the mountain in this episode).

This is the first time I've used my green hills/blue sky scenery since episode 14 - mainly because it had fallen into disrepair and ended up getting covered with dust. I've now cleaned it/rebuilt it though, and it's a lot more solid than before so should last a bit longer this time!