Deeper Golowood:

Deeper Golowood is the name of a comic that I have made based on Golowood. Episode 25 is shown below, enjoy!

Episode 25
'Happy mothers day.'
(Published 14/Mar/2010, 09:00)

Deeper Golowood: Episode number 25

A small vignette that I built for mother's day - it's now turning into a sort of tradition that I build a Lego vignette each year for mother's day! (Pictures of previous ones that I've built are here.)

I was quite tempted to build more of them and join them all together to make a full backdrop for this episode, but I decided I would probably run out of time to finish it so it would be best left for another time.

The swans at the front are my first go at making/designing my own birds - I decided to try swans as they're white and I still have a lot of white bits leftover from building my 6x skeleton model.